Live Review – Partiboi69 Presents: Area69

Partiboi69, the self proclaimed ‘Prophet of Pleasure’ himself, took the Electric Brixton’s stage by storm on Friday 22nd October, 2021. The ghetto house powerhouse’s use of 60s UFO scandal nostalgia, combined with a vaporwave aesthetic, is just as characterful here as it is original. It gave his performance some much appreciated differentiation in this scene, all the while telling a gripping story through the stagecraft at play.

This night was a sensory overload in all the right ways. Stage props galore, smoke machine on full blast, and a plethora of appropriate visuals to boot. The lore truly runs deep here as well, centred around a ‘poetic’ use of numeracy to imply advanced alien-human relations. As he’s lowered onto the operating table, the aliens get to work on him to a tense and eerie soundtrack. Suddenly, he awakens Frankenstein style, and the enigmatic DJ’s revival sees him jump into the UFO command console behind him. It’s not long before he’s pumping his signature ghetto house beats across the venue, exposing to us all the secrets of Area 69.

Partiboi69 is known for his brand of Detroit style ghetto house, and he certainly didn’t hold back on us. The beats were hard, fast, and dirty all night long – everything his charismatic persona could ever want to achieve. Thanks to the audio engineers putting in their due diligence Partyboi69’s set was definitely done justice. The secrets of Area 69 are safe with me.

For now…

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